Optimise your investments, reach easily millions of worldwide online users with complete self-service AdServer.
Using a little investment budget, Black6Adv offers you a powerful and simple advertising platform which will allow you to reach mobile and app users all over the world.

Create your advertising campaign in two steps:

  1. Set your goals: choose your target audience, the investment budget and the advertising model (CPM, CPC).
  2. Advertising approval: after a check, our team will confirm the validity of your ad campaign. You can, then, start running your advertisings.

What distinguish us from the other Advertising Platforms?

  • Targeted advertising campaigns.Thanks to our geo localisation system and a vast network of worldwide publishers, you can schedule your campaigns, reach your target and optimise your investments ranging among different categories (games, health, news, entertainment, sport, adult and much more).
  • Real Time Statistics. Keep everything under control analyzing your statistics in real time. Check the traffic flow, the campaign costs, impressions and clicks, and the websites in which your advertising has been shown.
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB). Manage all your campaigns in complete autonomy and decide how much to pay your advertising through Real Time Bidding. You will be able to manage and change your advertising bid in real time, adapting it to the market flow.
  • High flexibility. You can register both as publisher and advertiser inside the panel and get the most of your online mobile business.
  • Target audience. Target your campaign and your audience. You can decide between mainstream and adult (+18 ) public, then select all the subcategories that better describe your mobile business (games, health, news, entertainment, sport, adult,…)
  • Buy advertising spaces on our network. We get thousands of daily worldwide impressions from websites and applications. Choose the target of your ad campaign filtering it for Country, OS & Device, Language, advertising model, ad formats and advanced scheduling, setting a specific period of time and time zone.
  • Multiple Advertising formats. You can choose among several ad formats. The platform supports lots of mobile IAB banner sizes among the most used in the market.You can, then, decide to work with different advertising formats such as pop-under, pop-up, banner (image and textual), redirect, InApp banner.
  • Advertising models. You can decide to work with different advertising models choosing among CPC (Cost per Click) and CPM (Cost per Mille).
  • Sites blacklist. You can check in real time all the websites in which your advertising is shown. If you believe some of those websites are not profitable for your business, you can decide to put them into a personalised blacklist. The websites inside the blacklist can always be taken out and restored as valuable ones.
  • Multilanguage interface. Thanks to its completely translated interface, you will be able to easily run and manage your business with worldwide clients and partners. Besides, you’ll be able to communicate in real time with users all over the world through the integrated translation system for email notification.
  • Integrated online payment system. You’ll be able to add funds to your account in real time through our online integrated payment system. Thanks to this feature, you can make a payment that will arrive on your credit in no time, and immediately start running your advertising campaigns.
  • Assisted and protected. Black6adv offers you an anti-fraud system able to guarantee excellent targeted traffic coming from real users. No illegal content, neither third degree web sites or subdomains, are allowed inside our network.