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From the 18th to the 19th of November, London hosted the Appsworld 2015, the maximum global event for every company running his business with the apps (especially Google). Huge stands and an enormous location offered the opportunity to receive thousands of visitors, professionals of the informatic industry, developers and Sales Managers, but also simple visitors, attracted by the showcase represented by this event.

Black6Adv attended this event as a sponsor and our Staff met dozens of visitors, illustrating the features of our advertising platform; during the demonstrations, they presented the last innnovation added to the AdServer: the SDK for Android and iOS. Thanks to this new feature, developers can run advertising inside the Apps monetizing them.

Moreover, the flexiblity and the completeness of our platform allow to satisfy all users’ requests.

Black6Adv works with mobile traffic from all over the world and it represents the ideal link between app developers and the maximum economic profit. His features permit to track the trend of the traffic in real-time and to manage easily every business need. Geolocalisation, advanced scheduling for advertising campaigns, the possibility to choose the country, the device (mobile or desktop), the kind of OS (Android, iOS,..) and carriers, make Black6Adv platform a useful and efficient tool to every person that want to approach this industry.
Every member could work both as publisher and advertiser, obtaining, in the first case, the maximum revenue from his website or application and, in the second case, the top visibility through advertising campaigns showed all over the world.
Furthermore, the platform offers a wide variety of advertising methods (image banners, text banners, pop ups, InApp adv, …) and every user can decide the one that fits for his target and his business in the best way.