Are you a developer?
Do you want to monetize your in market mobile application?
Black6adv offers you the possibility to increase your revenues for both your Android and iOS apps.
With our SDK, developers can easily sell ad spaces.
They just have to paste the given code inside their app, and the advertisements will start running in no time.
Besides, developers have the possibility to check all the statistics in real time to analyze the traffic flow, the downloads, the clicks and the revenues.
The ones who want to advertise in app have the possibility to choose among several mobile IAB banner formats, and pay for every click made on their ads.

Advertise inside your app is very easy. Since the platform is created and designed to give the best service and performance inside an intuitive and easy of use interface, the client is able to register his online app with few passages:

  • Paste your app URL inside the platform
  • Create an advertising banner zone choosing among the most used IAB banner formats
  • Paste the SDK code inside the app
  • Boost your revenues!

Check the documentation to learn more.